• Dan Skarie

OWI 1st Offense Milwaukee County Circuit Court Case Dismissed

Updated: Mar 12

This client found herself in a situation many Wisconsinites may. Saturday evening and client attends a show with friends and travels to her favorite local bar for drinks and conversation after. Client responsibly drinks and drives home. Next thing she knows, she's pulled over for speeding on the freeway near Miller Park (Note* - the speed limit on this stretch of freeway. Zero drivers go 55 mph). Shortly after she's pulled from her vehicle, forced to perform SFSTs and ultimately arrested for drunk driving. Her breath test returns at .08 g/210L of breath. 

Atty. Skarie analyzes the case and finds flaws with the arresting officers administration and scoring of the SFSTs as well as the administration of the Intoximeter EC/IR II test. On the day of trial, the defense announces it is ready to proceed. However, the State is unable to produce the officer who performed the Intoximeter test. As a result, Atty. Skarie moves to dismiss and the Court grants his motion. Case dismissed. You can't beat your case if you don't show up in Court and fight it!



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